Military orthopaedic surgeons are playing an increasingly pivotal role in treating combat casualties in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

During World War II, the likelihood of surviving battlefield wounds was 69.7 percent; by the end of the Vietnam War it had improved to 76.4 percent; and survival of those wounded in the current Iraq War has increased to an astounding 90.4 percent.

- U.S. Department of Defense's Directorate for Information Operations and Reports


The AAOS supports several research events and programs partnering military orthopaedic surgeons to advance the care of the wounded warrior.

It has been said that war often drives medical advancement. The association between orthopaedic surgery and the military is explored here.

World War II is called, quite understandably, the defining experience in the lives of millions of Americans—so too in the lives of these orthopaedic surgeons.


Military orthopaedic surgeons recall their experiences in these excerpts from Moving Stories: 75 Years of Orthopaedics.

An art exhibition of orthopaedic advancements

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