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Registry Resources for Patients

The resources described on this page were developed by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Registry Program to help patients better understand the role of clinical data registries in improving patient outcomes and the quality of orthopaedic care. 

The AAOS Patient-Facing Registry Report

The AAOS Patient-Facing Registry Report provides a general registry overview and features information on the musculoskeletal health data captured by each of the registries in the AAOS Registry Program, which, as of March 2022, contains data from over 1,400 institutions across the U.S. and the District of Columbia. While a registry serves to collect data about procedures, analysis of that data can help surgeons choose individualized treatments and implantable devices that are best for their patients.

In addition to providing high-level summaries of injuries, diseases, and procedures collected within the registry, this report includes information about patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs), which are surveys used to capture outcomes, or a patient’s pre- and post-operative health status, from their perspective.

Blog Articles

The AAOS Registry Program publishes a weekly blog to communicate news alerts, quick tips, actionable checklists, and research findings to others in the orthopaedic field. The blog also includes articles like the ones below for patients who are considering or have had orthopaedic surgery.


In this guest blog article, joint replacement patient and AAOS Registry Program Public Advisory Board Member Richard Seiden shares his post-surgery lessons learned and ways that patients can contribute to libraries of patient experience.

Rick's Post-surgery Lessons Learned

Sarcoma awareness

Sarcoma is often referred to as the "forgotten cancer," but it is a daily reality for those affected. Every July, which is National Sarcoma Awareness Month, the AAOS and the Musculoskeletal Tumor Society (MSTS) join forces to help raise awareness about this rare type of cancer. And year-round, we are working toward analyzing data to aid in finding a cure for sarcoma. 

Patient and Physician Stories for National Sarcoma Awareness Month

Elderly patient with helper

The AAOS Public Advisory Board (PAB) represents the needs and concerns of the public across all AAOS registries. Learn more about the PAB's priorities and past accomplishments in this article.

Public Advisory Board Charter Expands from AJRR to AAOS Registry Program

physical therapy

This guest blog article is from the patient perspective of AAOS Registry Program Public Advisory Board Member Richard Seiden. Mr. Seiden offers reverse shoulder arthroplasty patients helpful advice to better prepare for dealing with post-surgery needs.

9 Reverse Shoulder Replacement Post-Surgery Suggestions from Someone Who's Been There


AAOS Public Advisory Board member Richard Seiden has undergone hip, knee, and shoulder surgeries. Read about his realization that he can play a meaningful role in improving future surgery for patients, including himself, by filling out patient-reported outcome (PRO) surveys.

In My Own Words: A Patient's Experience with PRO Survey Participation

TKA x-rays

Read a 2-part interview with Kevin J. Bozic, MD, MBA, FAAOS, a joint surgeon who needed a total knee replacement. His physician-turned-patient experience is illuminating.

As a Joint Surgeon, I Was Told I Needed a TKA (Part 1)

My Own Joint Replacement Was a Reality Check (Part 2)

Timothy Mojonnier

This guest blog article is from the patient perspective of AAOS Registry Program Public Advisory Board Member Timothy M. Mojonnier (right). His knee pain led to him receiving knee replacement surgery and Mr. Mojonnier learned that a patient-reported outcome program can help you choose the right surgeon and facility.

Guest Blog: My Knee Pain Began a Decade Ago While Playing Tennis

Richard Seiden

This guest blog article is from the patient perspective of AAOS Registry Program Public Advisory Board Member Richard Seiden (right). Mr. Seiden offers patients with joint issues helpful advice to better prepare for dealing with pre-, day-of-, and post-surgical needs.

Guest Blog: A Patient Perspective on Joint Replacement Surgery

AAOS Public Advisory Board

The Public Advisory Board (PAB) provides direct input to the AAOS Registry Program from both the patient and public perspective. The PAB members are drawn from a wide variety of public advocacy groups and members of the public who have had joint arthroplasties themselves. 

Current PAB members include:

  • Richard F. Seiden, Esq. (Chair)
  • Chris Michno
  • William J. Mulvihill, M.Ed.
  • Kristin Veno

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