Informed Patient Learning Module Instructions
How do I?
Navigate through the tutorial

There are different ways to navigate through this tutorial.

  1. You can use the Back and Next buttons in the lower right area of the screen.
  2. You can use the left-side menu to go to specific sections of the learning module.
Pause or stop the narration

You can stop the audio and restart it again by toggling the Audio On/Audio Off button located at the bottom of the frame. This pauses the audio at that particular point and restarts it at that point. To restart the audio for the screen you are on, click the Rewind button.

Print the tutorial

You may print the entire tutorial or just the section you are currently in by clicking on the Print button and clicking on the option you want.

Make the pictures bigger

You can increase the size of any picture that has "Click images to enlarge and reduce" above it by clicking on the image. Clicking on the "X" in the upper right-hand corner or outside of the image will shrink it again.

Still need help?

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