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Diversity and Culturally Competent Care
What is Culturally Competent Care?
Culturally competent care brings together a combination of attitudes, skills and knowledge that allows health care providers to better understand and take care of patients whose cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs or gender are different from their own.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons is committed to culturally competent care of patients. From September through November, orthopaedic surgeons from throughout the United States are available to talk about how positive health care outcomes can be enhanced just by thinking about communication in a new way.
Patient safety, satisfaction, and successful outcomes rely on understanding your patient’s medical and cultural needs. That’s why the AAOS Diversity Advisory Board created the Cultural Competency Challenge.

There are many cultures and many opportunities to learn from other different groups. Key aspect of culturally competent care is having some basic knowledge about the patient’s culture.
The AAOS believes that quality healthcare starts with a strong patient/physician relationship. That is why we and our members are strong advocates of Patient-Centered Care. Learn about patient-centered care and the role that patients have in ensuring safer health care.
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